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Molly's window panel
 41" long x 22" wide with pear branches
Cotton lace-weave panels to cover your windows will provide privacy and still allow the light from outside to shine through. These panels may also be used as room dividers, either full length or above a half wall.

I design them to fit a specific space -- a single window or sets of windows -- and they can cover the entire window or just the bottom half or two thirds of a window. The maximum possible width of the structural wood strips or branches is 40" with the fabric web area at 38". This size will be adequate to cover a glass width of 36". There is no maximum to the length of the panel.

Detail of Molly's window panel

Close-up view of Abby's window panel at night

The more densely woven areas will cover the horizontal framing of the windows, with the lacy open weave in front of the glass. In situations where more privacy is required, there can be a larger densely woven area for the bottom section of the panel, with the lace sections placed higher up. Photos of your window(s) accompanied by detailed measurements will enable me to design specifically for your needs. I recommend natural or very pale colored yarns for best effect, and to minimize fading from daylight. These panels are designed to be hung in a permanent position, but can be moved to a flat surface for gentle cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.

Window panel prices start at $250 and will depend on the size and number of the panels ordered. Please Contact me for further information.

Detail of Abby's window panel

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