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Rayon Chenille Rollup Hats,  Wool Rollup Hats and Wool Berets 

Hats are available in a wide array of colors.  
If I don't have the color you want, I can weave it!  
Hats shown below are in stock now.  
Contact me to purchase or for any questions.

Rayon Chenille Rollup Hat in soft teal $70.
Also available in colors below.

top to bottom:  rose quartz, silver, sage, aquamarine, white, black&white, sky blue, charcoal

top to bottom:  dark teal, azure, amethyst, peacock, olive, magenta, amber, gold nugget

Wool Beret in red.  $75.
Also available in colors below

top to bottom:  burgundy, blue, magenta

Wool Rollup Hat

Wool Rollup Hat in cream.  $75.
Also available in colors below

top to bottom:  burgundy, blue, magenta, charcoal, red

Handwoven clothing and fabrics for the home, woven from vibrant cotton, rayon chenille, silk and wool yarns in a wide range of uniquely blended colors.

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